B Planning General Construction, Renovation, Maintenance for Factory & Warehouse

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TEL : (+66) 02-004-3402
We are developing factory/warehouse construction and maintenance business in Bangkok, Chonburi and Ayutthaya suburbs.
We provide total support from the planning stage to maintenance.

Construction, Renovation work Maintenance, Repair work Safety, Quality Design work Application

Construction, Renovation work

In addition to new construction, extension, and repair work for factories and warehouses, we provide a wide range of comprehensive support,
from machine foundations to infrastructure equipment construction associated with production line changes.


Maintenance, Repair work

- Various legal inspection
Building legal inspections, electrical inspections, fire alarm inspections, crane inspections, lift inspections, etc.

- Technical periodic inspection
We carry out regular building inspections by engineers of architecture, electricity, and mechanical equipment.

- Each repair work
We respond quickly to water leak repairs, cleaning air conditioners, and drainage pit cleaning etc..


Safety, Quality Control

Taking advantage of our experience in Japanese general contractors, we are thoroughly conducting safety and quality control.
We carry out regular safety patrols and disseminate danger prediction confirmation (KY) to the end workers of the site.


Design work

Master Plan, Structure Design, Finishing, Detail drawing, Trace, E&M design.



- Application for Building construction permit
- Company establishment registration
- Various visa acquisition, work permit procedure support
- Various administrative procedures

Company Information
Company Name B Planning Co., Ltd.
Location 10 Soi Sukhumvit 91, Bang Chak, Phrakanong, Bangkok 10260, Thailand >>Map
Phone (+66) 02-004-3402
E-mail sakakibara@bpc.co.th
Established December, 2019
Capital 4,000,000.- Baht
Tax ID (P.P.20) 0105562200961
Employees Under 10 Person
Managing Director Mr. Nobuhide Sakakibara

Business Activities

- Construction, Renovation & Consulting for Factory, Warehouse, Shop & House
- Mechanical & Electrical Work
- Legal Inspection for Factory & Warehouse
- Planning Design, Structural Design
- Application for Governments
Main customer Japanese construction company, Major parts manufacturer


B Planning Co., Ltd. (+66) 02-004-3402
- Japanese Mr. Sakakibara (080-042-6351) sakakibara@bpc.co.th
- Thai K' Ai (080-042-4236) ai@bpc.co.th

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